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Tim J

Tim Joel


San Diego, California


       Tim was born in Seoul, Korea, but was raised in the United States.  Tim wants to utilize his vast talent and knowledge in education by providing guidance and know-hows to other students who desires admission to top college/universities. Tim was a U.S. Government Official who worked in the federal government for 20 years.  He also has extensive overseas experience, particularly to the Pacific Rim regions, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Australia. Tim’s background and expertise lies in East Asian Affairs and education. Tim is a graduate of Harvard University and from the University of California, and holds Master degrees in International Relations & Affairs, as well as in International Masters Business Administration. Tim has served as an Alumni Association Chapter member and as an Alumni Interviewer for Harvard College for over ten years.  


Kevin Griffin

Senior Military Service Academy Advisor

Los Angeles, California


       Kevin is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and has served as an United States Air Force officer.  Kevin also served as an U.S. Government Official for 20 years in the federal government.  Kevin is an expert on military service academy appointment and process, and will thus, be providing guidance to domestic students who desire an appointment in any of the four service academy.  The service academy is sponsored by the United States government and covers 100% of the cost and fees whilst attending these excellent institutions.  

John EX2.jpg

John Case

Essay Writing & Interview Coordinator

San Diego, California


      John is a licensed attorney in San Diego California.  John graduated from University of California, San Diego, with a BA in Communication, and completed his legal studies at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor degree.  John is a coach for professional writing and  public speaking, and is a highly organized person.  John will serve as College Interview and Essay Writing Coordinator. for Crimson Education.


Gene Bare

Senior Essay Writing Advisor

San Diego, California


      Jen is a graduate of University of Utah, and in the past she worked as an investment banker in Wall Street.  Jen is an expert writer and she will be serving as the essay writing assistant and advisor.  The essay is one of the most crucial component of the college application to attain top schools, and often than not, it determines the final selecting criteria for the admissions process.  For this reason, we selected Jen to be in charge of this critical position to help our students succeed in their college application endeavor.


Camille Beaubien

College Admissions and Interview Advisor

San Diego, California


       Camille graduated from the University of Arizona where she was the National Communications Coordinator of the Resident Hall Association, and also served as a Resident Assistant for her Residence Hall.  Camille is presently a National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer as such she has extensive experience with working with people, especially with students in motivating them towards a goal.  Camille has a talent in inspiring people to accomplish their life goal.  Camille is highly qualified to serve as college admissions counselor and interview advisor for CECC. 




Kim Yong Rok

Chief of Seoul Operations

Seoul, Korea


      Mr. Kim is a former security detail for South Korea Presidential Blue House.  As such, he has vast amount of experience in security and operations.  Mr. Kim is an organized and highly articulate person with his organizational skill being one of the best.  Mr. Kim possesses a critical knowledge and skill that is needed during operation, administration, and logistics in the Seoul field office.  He is personally chosen by the Director, amongst many other candidates, to head the Seoul office.

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