Crimson Education Services

Crimson Sponsored Private Schools in San Diego  

Crimson has exclusive contracts and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with top-rated private schools in San Diego, California.

Maranatha Christian Private School (K-12th grade) is a highly rated, Christian private institution in the San Diego's Del Sur area which is known for its top-quality school and education. 


Horizon Prep Private School (K-12) is located in San Diego’s prime area, known as Rancho Santa Fe and the school is known for its high-quality education program.


Crimson Education & Homestay Program


  • Crimson Homestay Program is an “Exclusive” Guardian Program sponsored at privately-owned Palacio Santa Fe.

  • Palacio Santa Fe is a premium estate located in Rancho Santa Fe, next to the above top three private schools, providing easy access to these institutions. 

  • Crimson guarantees each of our students an admission to one of the above private schools.


  • Crimson's Director is the Legal Guardian of students, and will ensure students safety and welfare. 


  • Crimson Homestay Program is "all-inclusive" program that includes educational and college consultations and application process.

  • Please see more information on this exclusive program, click on "Palacio Santa Fe" link.


Crimson's Exclusive Private Management Consultation


Crimson provides a limited special program to maximize college admissions to the top colleges in the United States.  This program is available ONLY to ten (10) qualified students per academic year and personally managed by the Director.  

Crimson Private Management Consultation is for qualified students to help them achieve the highest chance of admission and accurate results, with the ultimate aim for the admission to top-notch college such as Harvard College.


Director consults extensively with the students and parents quarterly (4-5 times/year) for guidance and for the best results.  This service includes important essay writing preparations and interview practices.


Director personally assists students and parents in -

  1. Choosing the right college for the student and assistance with the college application

  2. Quarterly consultation with students and parents prior to admission to college/university

  3. Quarterly consultation with students and parents after admission to college/university

  4. Continually monitors the student’s safety and welfare throughout their educational years



Crimson College Application Assistance

Crimson provide our students and parents with consultation on college preparations and admissions guidance to the top colleges in the United States.  

We provides guidance in:

  1. Choosing the right college based on the student's needs

  2. College application guidance

  3. College application essay writing assistance

  4. SAT test preparations/guidance                           

  5. Relocation and settlement to the college for both domestic and overseas students

  6. After-relocation service and assistance during the duration of the student’s stay in the United States



Crimson Camp Programs

CRIMSON CAMP PROGRAMS consists of the following three (3) programs:


Crimson Summer Camp Program - is a 3-week, fun-filling, exciting educational "camp" program held at Crimson-owned and operated Palacio Santa Fe.  The goal of this summer camp is to teach students the importance of team work and cooperation through various outdoor related exercises and events. 


This is a great opportunity to meet other American students who will also be attending the camp and forging lasting bonds and friendships. This camp program is only available in summer season and there will be 3 or 4 camp sessions per year.  Its all-inclusive, including lodging and food, but the airfare is not included.  The camp schedule is available upon request. 



Crimson "10/10" Program -  is held periodically throughout the year, and the program's objective is to teach team work concept and the importance of cooperation and responsibility.  The program provides students with an experience in visiting local schools/colleges and exploring other exciting California locations all while making friends. The duration of the program is for 10 days in San Diego and Los Angeles, and limited to ten students; therefore, its called "10/10" program. 


Its all-inclusive including lodging, transportation, meals, and all other related expenses are covered except for the airfare. (We encourage each students to find the best airfare as their first assignment.) The entire event will be photographed and video recorded, and it will be forwarded to students' parents everyday day via mobile apps.

College Tour Program - is for college bound students to visit and tour various college campuses and attending lectures and to make friends.

Crimson schedule 7-day Western region college tours, and 10-day Eastern region college tours.  Our college tours include attending scheduled lectures and meeting with professors and students.  Our students will learn more about various college offerings, and be able to make their best decision in choosing the right college.  


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