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欢迎来到深红教育与大学咨询(CECC)。我们是深红国际集团有限公司(CIG)的一个分支部门. CIG旗下还包括深红咨询与服务(CCS),和深红国际任务专家(CCI)。  


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Our Objective -





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John Harvard Statue at Harvard University     (c) Photo TMJ


  • Our team consists of Harvard and other top university graduates who has an extensive knowledge on application, essay and interview process.

  • Our goal is to assist our students to gain admission to top universities in the United States.​


Crimson is located in Beautiful and Sunny San Diego, California.

Crimson Education & YOU!

Our Programs

College Admissions Consultation

College Admissions Consultation is a complete college program. This includes choosing the best college for students, test preparation, application process, essay writing assistance and interview practical.

Crimson Education Homestay Program

Crimson Education Homestay Program is for overseas students to attend a private school in California to improve their English in  preparation for college in the United States.

Crimson Camp Programs

Crimson Camp Programs  consists of the following:

  1. Crimson Summer Camp Program

  2. Educational “10/10” Program 

  3. Crimson College Tour Program 

The Crimson Differences

What differentiates CECC from other educational institutions and college consulting businesses in California and South Korea?​

Effective –  Our effective approach and solution to college admissions guarantees that if the student follows our proven method, the student will be accepted into one of top universities in the United States.


Knowledgable – Our director will employ his knowledge and as well as his numerous connections in the academic field for students' advancement, and ultimately, their acceptance into a top university. 


Experienced – Our team has a combined 20 years of experience in college admissions processes and procedures.  We are experts in the college admissions and have extensive experience in completing college application process.  Our director is a Harvard alumni interviewer in Southern California and has worked closely with Harvard admissions office in processing and selecting Harvard students each year for the past ten+ years. 


Safe and Secure – We incorporate Quest International, a private investigation company to ensure the students’ safety while studying and living in the United States  Students have a office contact that they can use in the event of any problems or emergency should it occur.  


Reliable – We will continue to provide our reliable service for both domestic and overseas students during their education process.  We strive to continuously work with our students during entire application process and study period.


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