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Bring Your Students and live and study @ beautiful Santa Fe Palace...

Palacio Santa Fe

Crimson Sponsored Private Schools in San Diego  

Crimson has exclusive contracts and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with three, top-rated private schools in San Diego, California.

Maranatha Christian Private School (K-12th grade) is a highly rated, Christian private institution in the Del Sur area of San Diego, California.  The area of Del Sur is known for its top-quality school and education (

Horizon Prep Private School (K-12) is located in San Diego’s prime area, known as Rancho Santa Fe.  Horizon is known for its high-quality education program, and it is a top-rated educational institution in the area (

Cathedral Catholic Private High School (9-12) is located in the Rancho Santa Fe area and is one of the top-rated private high school in the San Diego area (


“Exclusive” Guardian Homestay Program at Palacio Santa Fe


  1. Crimson Education and Consulting (CEC) operates its own in-house homestay program – bring your students to live and study at our beautiful and spacious Palacio Santa Fe!

  2. Crimson Palacio Santa Fe is a premium estate located near Rancho Santa Fe; It is located next to the above top three private schools, providing easy access to these institutions. 

  3. Crimson owns and operates the Palacio Santa Fe estate and complex; therefore, it has strict control and access of this private property, providing a safe and secure place to live and study.

  4. Palacio Santa Fe sits on a privately-owned land that is gated, and guarded 24 hours a day.

  5. Palacio Santa Fe is a large 11,000 square meter estate that has 7 spacious rooms and 6.5 bathrooms. 

Crimson's “All-Inclusive” Homestay Program Outline:

  1. Crimson Education’s exclusive program guarantees our students’ admission and access to one of three private schools contracted with us.  Our students pay in-state tuition and not international rate (a big savings).

  2. Crimson will only accept a maximum of 3 students at Palacio Santa Fe.  Each student is provided with a resort-style living, each w/furnished private rooms and bathrooms (the best in San Diego).​

  3. Crimson provides daily meals at a home-style setting, as well as safe transportation to schools and to other school activities.

  4. Crimson’s exclusive college counseling is offered to our students to aim for the best college admissions in the USA, including setting a goal for admission to Harvard College.

  5. Crimson provides weekly ESL instructions for students as necessary in order to be successful at the private institutions.

  6. Crimson Security and Protection company provides full security and protection for our students during their stay at Palacio Santa Fe.

  7. Crimson provides parental assurance by providing Parents Report, which details on the students’ academic and social progress via newsletters and text communication on a monthly basis.

  8. There will be weekly outings and social events to increase social mentality, and to become familiar with the American culture and language (students provide their own spending money).

Palacio Santa Fe & YOU!

Santa Fe
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