• AP Biology/SATII Biology

Dr. Y. got his PhD in Neurobiology from top-ranked University of Southern California.  As an experienced and passionate Biology educator for more than 15 years, Dr. Y.’s research has been published in Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, Journal of Neuroscience, and other prestigious journals.   A long term college professor, Dr. Y. is reputable in leading students to achieve high academic standards.  Students constantly ask to follow Dr. Y in subsequent courses. Dr. Y. combines traditional teaching methods with modern technology to engage students in classroom, and equip students with solid knowledge base and tools to success in placement and standard tests towards college and professional school admissions. In addition to Dr. Y.’s academic teaching excellence, he serves as a counselor to high school seniors helping them through the college application process, especially students who are targeting PRE-MED and PRO-HEALTH tracks in college. Please follow Dr. Y. to your ultimate success!

      • AP Computer Science

Dr. T. is a tenure track computer science department college professor. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from CUNY.  Dr. T. teaches different computer science courses in various levels including JAVA, and C/C++ programming languages. His research interest is Artificial Intelligence, particularly focusing on Image Understanding and its applications in assistive technology for the blind. His research has received various funding from the Air Force Research, Army Tank Automotive Research, National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security. With Dr. T.’s extensive knowledge in the field of Computer Science, he mentors high school students on various research projects in developing assistive technologies for the visually impaired. Every School Semester Dr. T. will pick one to three kids whose interest in computer field from his classes to do a special computer science research project, which may lead a publication of Conference or Journal. This will definitely add a huge weight on the college application. Students under Dr. T’s supervision have been successfully admitted to NYU, Columbia, RPI and other world renowned engineering and computer science institutions. Dr. T.’s AP Computer Science Class will give you beyond what you hoped.  With Dr. T.’s personal individual attention, you will not regret to choose his class and be inspired for future college decision.

      • SAT/SATII Math, Precalculus, Calculus AB, Calculus BC

Dr. G. is a tenure track Math High School Teacher. He received his PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University. Currently he plays an important role as a math teacher in a prestigious technical high school which being ranked one of the top 5 high schools in NJ. His depth knowledge, energetic, patience towards students make all level students truly enjoy the class while learning. The students under Dr. G.’s guidance have won AMC awards. Dr. G. is a master teacher who can explains complicated problem easy to understand. With years of high school teaching experience, Dr. G. has earned his reputation in Math field. Please join Dr. G.’s Math class, everyone will become Math lover and achieve high GPAs and scores in both classes and standard tests.

      • AP Chemistry

Mr. B is a lifelong and well respected high school senior Chemistry Teacher. He taught not only in the top Bergen County Academy but also taught in College. His depth of chemistry knowledge helped many students excel in achieving their academic dreams. AP chemistry is Mr. B’s specialty. He is one of the AP Chemistry Readers who is responsible for grading the AP chemistry exams each year. This tremendous experience is invaluable to help students know what AP graders specifically look for in grading. Mr. B has his own methodology to help students prep for the AP exam and reviewing the previous year’s exam is a core part of his curriculum. His patience and support boosts the students’ confidence and encourages them to learn more. Put trust in Mr. B, follow his instructions, and score a 5 on your next chemistry exam.

      • AP Spanish, SATII Spanish

Ms. G. has twenty years plus of experience as a high school Spanish teacher. She received her Master degree in Spanish Language and Culture from the Pontifical University of Salamanca in Spain. Currently Ms. G. plays a leading role as Spanish teacher for a well-established High School that is ranked in the top 10 public high schools in NJ. As a native of Spain, she is very passionate about her Spanish heritage and brings this excitement and passion into her teaching.  She easily transmits her love for the Spanish language to all her students, who often decide to continue studying the language in college. If your goal is to pass and achieve high score for AP Spanish and the SAT Spanish subject test, Ms. G. is not only your first choice to help guide students to success but, she will inspire a lifelong appreciation for the Spanish culture.

      • All level of Math from 5th to 10th grade

Ms. X. holds a Master of Science degree from University of Missouri-Columbia. She has being tutoring Math for decades and specializes in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. She is a passionate educator who cares deeply for her students and always goes above and beyond to ensure they are successful. With years of experience, she can quickly pinpoint the student’s weakness and help them not only understand the material but also be able to apply the knowledge. Ms. X. strives to encourage and uplift her students, while pushing them to achieve to the best of their academic ability. She genuinely cares and takes great pride in the progress of her students. Most importantly, Ms. X. is excellent at connecting with her students; she is grounded by a set of core values and understands the importance of being a positive role model to help children grow both academically and personally.

      • SAT/ACT English

Ms. M. has been teaching for over 16 years at the High School. She has tutored SAT/ACT prep for over 5 years. She received her BA from Long Island University and her MA from Marygrove College. She has continued her education as she feels learning is a ‘lifelong endeavor.”  She has worked with students in grades 9-12, from students at risk to Honors level, and brings to the table not only her teaching experience but her experience having had a career in business prior to following her passion for teaching. Her approach is individually tailored for students to enable them to create their own ‘tool box’ in which to draw from for standardized testing. Ms. M. has also assisted students in creating solid college essays for applications and scholarships. She has been recognized by Kean University, having received the “Outstanding Human Rights Educator” for her work in teaching about Holocaust and Genocide. Her two children reflect her passion for learning as one is a Graduate of the University of Arizona and is a social worker, and the other a MBA graduate of Cornell University.

      • SAT/ACT English

Professor B. has taught in our nation’s colleges for close to thirty years. He received advanced degrees in Literature from Ohio universities; he has tutored at three companies and he has been self-employed for the last ten years as a verbal tutor in the Westfield area, maintaining a long waiting list each academic season. He has a perfect son; He has had over 40 poems published; he has a dozen long pop cult essays that are available in the Rock Writers’ Hall of Fame web site. Professor B. was a scoring leader for the AP program for 7 years. He tutors GRE’s, MKAT’s, SAT’s, ACT’s, AP’s in English Lang and Lit, and subject tests in American and European History, and Literature. Professor B. is also an experienced College Application Reviewer. He brainstorms, edits, revises, and proofreads the entire college application process, a process that helps align a student’s background and experiences with their desired schools. With Professor B.’s help, your dream college is just steps away. Name your ambition; Professor B. will give you the tools and confidence to achieve your goals.

      • AP US history/SATII US history

Mr. F. has 15+ years of experience teaching history at a top 10 ranked NJ high school. He has over a decade of Advanced Placement (AP) United States History experience and his students’ scores consistently place among the top in the nation.  Mr. F. also works as a mentor to other teachers of AP course through the College Board which demands that he stays on top of the latest revisions to the test and pedagogical methods. His detail-oriented teaching style encourages his students to have a deep understanding of the subject matter and exceed their own learning standards. In addition to a Master degree from Rutgers University, Mr. F. continuously educates and enriches himself through his own passion for learning and sharing knowledge through his teaching. This depth of knowledge and his refined critical thinking skills directly benefits his students as they learn how to structure and craft their own essays. His goal is not only to help students score well on the AP test but he also inspires students develop a lifelong appreciation of history.

      • SAT Chemistry

Dr. T. is a High School chemistry teacher. Dr. T. received his MS and PhD in Organic Chemistry from Cornell University (NIH Pre-Doctoral Fellow). On top of those great honors, Dr. T. also received an MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma) in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business (Stern Scholar).  Prior to teaching, Dr. T. was Associate Principal and Senior Scientist at Schering-Plough Research Institute, responsible for the design and synthesis of drug candidates for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  His teaching philosophy seeks to empower students to learn the most by memorizing the least.  The goal is to enable students to connect seemingly discrete pieces of information into an integrated thesis. Dr. T.’s makes his class alive and colorful by using real-world examples through his industry experience to explain complicated theories while reinforcing the latest trends in the chemistry tests. In terms of extracurricular activities, Dr. Tong is faculty advisor to the HOSA (Health Occupations Students Association) chapter at for his high school. His broad education and social background will give guidance to those students who decide to pursue a concentration in Chemistry in college. With Dr. T.’s SAT Chemistry Prep Class, you are not only gaining the test prep strategy and a high score, you will also gain a mentor that can offer guidance to your student as they formulate their future college direction.

      • ACT Science

Mr. G. has his Master degree in Microbiology from Michigan State University. He has extensive research and teaching experience in several prestigious universities for more than ten years. Mr. G. also has a solid scientific background in the natural sciences including life science, chemistry, and physics. He enjoys teaching and feels the biggest reward is seeing students make improvements under his guidance. Mr. G. specializes in ACT Science Prep Course. With his detail oriented teaching methods, students can improve their exam skills dramatically within several months. He emphasizes the understanding of concepts and points out key problems of students’ exams by explaining complicated issues with concise and plain words. With Mr. G.’s academic guidance, students will be able to approach the ACT Science section without a worry.

      • SSAT/ISEE Test Prep, SAT/ACT Reading and Writing Prep

Ms. D. is a dynamic and patient language teacher who empowers students to achieve their learning and scholastic goals. Her primary objective is to guide her students to reach their full potential and to attain their academic dreams. Students under Ms. D.’s direction excel. Over the course of her two-decade teaching career, her students have improved their SAT scores by hundreds of points and have earned admission to Ivy-league universities. Ms. D.’s deep knowledge of classical languages (BA from Middlebury College and MA from the University of Virginia) enables her to provide unparalleled instruction in literature, English, and classical humanities. Having attended and taught at competitive school districts (currently at one of the top three NJ public high schools, before at one of the top three CT public high schools), she recognizes how important grades and scores are in this cutthroat era. Finally, her method of tutoring is clear and direct. High expectations, rigor, and discipline serve as the foundation for success in her classroom.

      • AP Physics 1, 2 and C,Physics Olympiad Competition, Physics Bowl, SAT II Physics

Dr. Fang holds a BS and MS degree in Physics and Mathematics from Peking University, the top ranked university in China, and received her PhD degree in Geophysics from Columbia University. With a passion for education, Dr. F is a senior physics teacher at a prestigious magnet high school ranked one of America’s top 10 high schools.  With her impressive background in physics, and being a role model as an accomplished female STEM scientist, Dr. Fang puts her heart into teaching high-level physics concepts to her students. When it comes to classroom instruction, she thinks it’s critical to ensure that students learn the fundamentals of concepts and believes that fostering strong problem solving skills comes before practicing test-taking. Under Dr. Fang’s leadership, her students have consistently placed in the Physics Olympiad semifinalists, Physics Bowl individual student awards, and Physics Bowl team awards. Her AP physics students by default hit the national highest score. Please join Dr. Fang in physics where she will introduce you to another perspective of this sophisticated and wonderful science subject. You will become the physics prodigy of your High School.

      • AP Physics

Mr. K is an experienced, respected and valued high school AP Physics Teacher at one of the top NJ high schools. His experience in the classroom for over 11 years has helped him gain knowledge and insight into teaching strategies and learning techniques. Mr. K teaches both AP Physics 1 and 2, he has extensive knowledge of the broad spectrum of topics assessed in the SAT Physics and AP Physics subject tests. What makes Mr. K unique is his approach to teaching and emphasis on the pedagogy of the learning process. Mr. K focuses on problem solving strategies proven to be successful by his students. Mr. K graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Physics: Secondary Education and earned a Master in Education from the University of Scranton. He has a deep understanding the subject matter and has been educated on best teaching practices for science education. Mr. K’s goal is for students to reach beyond knowledge of subject matter into a true understanding of core concepts, learning techniques and test taking strategies.

      • Math and Physics Olympiad Competition

Dr.Y. holds a MS degree in Physics from University of New York at Buffalo and a PhD in Biology from Rutgers. This genius young teacher won first place in the Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPhO) and second place in the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad(CMO) when he was in high school. On top of those amazing honors, Dr. Y has 15 years of teaching experience across all levels of students and has developed his own teaching methods and course material which he gives out to his students. You think you are not a math and physics genius? Well, Dr. Y. will make you one. A less than stellar student can become the top of his/her class which is a common theme when you take Dr. Y.’s course. For students entering math competitions 99% pass AMC10/12 and move on to enter AIME, and for students entering physics competition Dr. Y. will help you successfully pass the first round. For those top talented students, Dr. Y. will help transition you to the U.S. Olympiad Team where he has a track record of success. A gifted teacher has a genius way to make you become a genius. Why wait, please register for Dr. Y.’s competition classes and become a rising star.

      • Speech and Debate

Mr. F. is a local renowned head forensics coach for a top ranking high school. He was trained to judge and coach forensics by William Cooper Esq. of the University of Kentucky.  He was the Former Vice-President of the Local Town Education Association and chaired the negotiations committee. With 12 prior years’ experience as a judge and 16 years plus as a high school history teacher he is a seasoned professional.  Courses he has taught bring an extensive knowledge of world and US culture providing an active political and social experience. Mr. F.’s high school Forensics team is unbeatable winning numerous prizes.  He also has worked with Model United Nations, and Model Youth in Government.  When you master how to present your opinions on the stage, you already hold your life opportunities in your hand. Please join Mr. F.’s speech and debate class; you will become a fearless verbal general and enhance presentation skills as you build your confidence and self-esteem. Don’t wait, act, now.

      • AP European History

Mr. F. has been teaching history at a top 10 ranked NJ high school for 11+ years. He has been teaching Advanced Placement European history for 10 years and his students have consistently excelled on the AP exam which places them among the highest achievers in the nation. Over the years, Mr. F. has used increasingly effective teaching strategies.  He has developed a systematic approach and uses constant modern connections to understand vast amounts of European history. This allows for close attention to detail as well as a deep understanding of the breadth of European history in the modern era. His students are consistently amazed how much they are able to understand and retain throughout the year and for the rest of their lives. In addition to a Master degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. F.’s passion for history and learning propels him to continue in his own lifelong education, which he also encourages and models in his students. His students develop high reading comprehension skills, critical thinking and writing skills in order to prepare them for the exam as well as for their overall education and personal development.

      • Analytical Reading and Writing Enrichment 5-6 Graders

Mrs. C. has been an educator for over 30 years spanning a vast career as a teacher. She continued in education as a part-time ESL teacher for the Edison School District as well as a part-time adjunct professor for St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. Mrs. C. was a student teaching supervisor as well as a reading Specialist. For the last 16 years, she has been in one of the top ranking middle school as a language arts and literature teacher. For the last several years, Mrs. C. has implemented the practices of the reading/writing workshop presented through Columbia’s Teacher’s College. Mrs. C. developed two programs at her school for struggling students. One entitled Academic Express for students needing assistance in organization and study skills and the other was entitled Developmental Language for students who needed additional assistance in language arts. Mrs. C. is a graduate of St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, earning both her B.A. and M.A, from this university. She holds teaching certificates in: elementary education K-8, early childhood, reading teacher K-12, reading specialist K-12, and supervisor of education. She is currently the moderator of an after school academic challenge team. Most recently, she was named as the local distribute Teacher of the Year for the 2015-16 school years. She has been the grade level team leader for the last 14 years as well as a co-presenter for the district inclusion model. This year her team was recognized as a team of excellence from the NJAMLE. Mrs. C. has high expectations for student learning and provides a nurturing environment that focuses on the needs of all learners. If you are concerned about your child’s reading and writing skills or you are looking to excel their current capability, and then Mrs. C. is the right teacher for your children.

      • Analytical Reading and Writing Enrichment 7-8 Graders

Mrs. W. received her BA in English Education from Montclair University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. In addition, she holds a MA in Educational Technology from Saint Elizabeth’s and a Supervisory Certificate from Kean University.  Currently she is a senior English Teacher at top ranking middle school. Over the course of Mrs. W.’s teaching career, she has worked with many different types of students. She believes that all students can be successful when given a bit of confidence and the right tools. She has been adding to her “tool-kit” of strategies for 25 years. Her most recent professional development includes being trained in Reading and Writing Workshop from Teacher’s College of Columbia. In 2011 she was named “Teacher of the Year” in her school district for her passion and commitment to her students. In March of 2016, her sixth grade team was honored by the New Association for Middle School Education for excellence in education. Mrs. W.’s commitment extends beyond the classroom as she served as a member of the NJ ASK Middle School LAL Committee. She worked with the other teachers from New Jersey and the testing company by giving valuable input on the NJ ASK test. Mrs. W. believes that every student has unlimited potential and will do all that she can to help them realize it. If you want to improve your middle schoolers’ Reading and Writing skills, then Mrs. W. will bring her unyielding passion and exemplary experience to help them turn their potential into real results.

      • AP Physics 1, 2 and C/AP Calculus BC

Dr. L. earned his BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College and PhD in Physics from Princeton University, where he was a graduate student in Professor Austin’s group. There, Dr. L. studied the application of physical sciences thinking methods to cancer biology as a young investigator in the National Cancer Institute Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers Network. He continued working with the network as a postdoc at the University of California, San Francisco. As a member of Professor Tlsty’s group at UCSF, Dr. L. studied the role of stochastic phenotypic transitions among cells in malignant cell populations and the application of evolutionary game theory to cellular population dynamics experiments. In the Physical Sciences-Oncology Network, Dr. L. has co-authored scientific articles including articles published in the journals Science, Nature Reviews Cancer, and Physical Review Letters. While teaching quantitative biology to professors of physics, engineering, and cancer biology from UCSF, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins University, Dr. L. developed a passion for empowering students by teaching them mathematical and physical sciences thinking methods. He became a professional educator. In the past few years he has been teaching Math and Science full-time for high school and college students. Dr. L.’s unique teaching method helps his students to succeed in calculus and physics, leveraging his many years of educational experience.  Dr. L. clearly explains concepts using prepared lecture sheets, coaches students to carefully read and understand problem statements, and teaches students to use written reasoning to figure out solutions to problems that they have not seen before. In physics and calculus, it is difficult to prepare for an exam merely by becoming familiar with example problems. It is almost impossible to memorize every problem that might show up on an exam. Using Dr. L.’s training in mathematical and physical thinking, every difficult question can be solved by applying fundamental principles with clear and simple steps.  You don’t need to be super smart to solve hard problems, but you need to solve problems methodically and wisely. This is what Dr. L. will teach you. Sign up for Dr. L.’s class to become a great problem solver like him.

      • 2nd and 3rd graders English

Ms. T. holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The College of New Jersey. She was employed by the Paramus, NJ Board of Education where she taught Elementary Education as well as writing curriculum for Social Studies and Science units of study. During the last ten years, Ms. T. has tutored students in a variety of primary and intermediate subjects. She is a certified Orton-Gilllingham instructor for students who are learning decoding reading skills. Ms. T. has a passion for children and for their academic lives. She believes it is crucial for children to learn academic skills as well as to develop a love of learning, which contribute to lifelong success and satisfaction. Ms. T. strives to guide students to reach their academic potential in a nurturing environment where the child is able to see his/her worth and value in all aspects of life.

      • GT Prep Program

Ms. S graduated from Seton Hall University Magna Cum Laude as a double major, double minor, earning her B.S in Education and a B.A in English, with her two minors in Political Science and Liberal Studies. Ms. S is certified to work with all grade levels, but has specifically worked with through K-8, with a specialized focus on early childhood education. Ms. S is also Special Education certified, allowing her teaching style to meet the needs of a diverse population of students who learn best from personalized educational experiences. Currently, Ms. S is an educator at a top ranking middle school, working with multiple grade levels to encourage success and to push student learning potential. Through the span of Ms. S’s teaching journey, she has been exclusively trained in Reading and Writing Workshop from Teacher’s College of Columbia University, a learning experience that provides students with enriched methods of understanding and applying English Language Arts skills. Ms. S has also been trained in Singapore Math through Seton Hall University. Additionally, outside of the classroom, Ms. S has been an educational speaker at the New Jersey Social Studies Conference since 2013, lecturing on the importance of teaching history through literature and developing stimulating teaching styles. Ms. S strongly champions the belief in the production of learning experiences. The creation of learning experiences in the classroom is crucial to learning development because it keeps the student interested and motivated. When a student is given the opportunity to first-hand interact with content, their level of engagement and retention rate greatly increases; as they are not just told the content, but can experience the content for themselves. To foster the educational relationship of learning experiences and the mastering of content knowledge within the classroom, Ms. S creates lessons deeply involved with interactive tasks. Ultimately, Ms. S seeks to give her students the opportunity to push themselves to discover how they can learn by being an active participant in the learning process.

      • Chess Program

Mr. L is an experienced chess instructor with a peak tournament rating of USCF 1632 (class B). As a young chess protégé, he was on the age-group national top 100 list for three years. He finished the 8th place in 2006 National Youth Action Chess Championship and 15th place in 2006 National Scholastic k-12 / Collegiate Championship. Mr. L has participated in more than 100 national, state, and local level chess tournaments. He knows how it feels and what it takes to become a powerful young chess player. His expertise is to bring students into the magical chess world and teach them the observation, concentration, and strategic thinking that are so vital to the success of not only in chess but also in life.

      • AP Econ

Mr. G. has a BA in Economics, MA in Economics and MA in Social Studies Secondary Education.  He has over 30 years of teaching experience at both the high school and college level Economics. He specializes in AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics. Mr. G. is a leading AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics instructor in the REACH program (Rewarding Achievement), an innovative program that offers monetary rewards to students based on their AP scores. Mr. G. was also faculty advisor for the A. Philip Randolph High School Fed Challenge team. In 2008 his team was the Fed Challenge 2008 2nd District. Finalist.  Under Mr. G.’s supervision, with his extensive economic experience and affinity to understand students psychologically, all students can attain the ability to score a 5 on the AP exam.

      • Advanced Math

Mr. G. Dr. LAN. holds a MS degree in Maths from Nice University and a PhD in Maths and Computer Science from National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. He was maths Olympiad participant from elementary school, middle, high school to Universty. He had won second place at China National Math Olympiad Contest. Dr. LAN has extensive teaching experience across all levels of students and has developed his own teaching methods and course material. He helped lots of students to succeed in competitions from MOEMS, AMC8 to AMC10, AMC12, AIME and USAMO. He can explain complex problems in simple ways and can help students to understand problems and to apply techniques from one problem to lots of similar problems. He has great reputation in maths teaching area and lots of long term students. You will become a better student in maths and a better problem solver if you follow Dr Lan’s class..