Speech and Debate

Why Speech and Debate(taken from The National Forensics League)

From the founding fathers to the current explosion of online and social media technologies, the principles of open debate have been the life blood of our democracy, making society stronger by transforming policies, guiding public opinion, and casting light on injustice.

Today, it’s more crucial than ever that American teens develop the skills to speak powerfully and persuasively in front of an audience as well as learn to think critically, explore all sides of an issue, and formulate evidence ­based, rock-solid points of view.

Beyond the improvements in their academic performance that prepare them to excel in college, speech and debate students change in ways that influence every aspect of their lives. It gives them the social and academic confidence they need to grow as individuals, achieve educational goals, pursue meaningful work, and improve the lives of others – and our world.

Instructor Information

Mr. F. is a local renowned head forensics coach for a top ranking high school. He was trained to judge and coach forensics by William Cooper Esq. of the University of Kentucky.  He was the Former Vice-President of the Local Town Education Association and chaired the negotiations committee. With 12 prior years’ experience as a judge and 16 years plus as a high school history teacher he is a seasoned professional.  Courses he has taught bring an extensive knowledge of world and US culture providing an active political and social experience. Mr. F.’s high school Forensics team is unbeatable winning numerous prizes.  He also has worked with Model United Nations, and Model Youth in Government.  When you master how to present your opinions on the stage, you already hold your life opportunities in your hand. Please join Mr. F.’s speech and debate class; you will become a fearless verbal general and enhance presentation skills as you build your confidence and self-esteem. Don’t wait, act, now.

Course Information

Our skilled staff offers years of experience in training students to excel at the art of public speaking and debate in accordance with National Forensics League guidelines.  In a friendly cooperative environment that focuses on middle school and high school readiness, teammates will learn to assimilate research into effective arguments while building confidence.  Students are looked on favorably if they have debate experience and this program will put them well ahead of their peers in any middle school and high school Forensics speech and debate program.

Skills we focus on include:

-Public Speaking

-Critical Thinking







-Collaborative work

-Using Technology


Competitive Events:


Lincoln-Douglas Debate:  One-on-one competitive debate which includes developing arguments for and against a topic as well as cross-examination of your opponent.

Public Forum Debate:  This two-on-two debate allows multiple participants in an event that is more fast-paced while still requiring the academic rigor of Lincoln-Douglas.

Student Congress:  Students create laws and follow parliamentary protocol as they debate the merits of student-generated legislation.  Acting as federal senators they may speak for and against each other and ultimately put their hard work to a vote.


Poetry, Prose, Interpretation and Declamation: Learn how to read and interpret published material with flair and panache taking your audience on an emotional journey they will never forget.

Improvisational, Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speech:  This hones life skills that every person needs in life; how to think fast and sound intelligent doing it.  From making up a silly story on the spot to talking about national and international affairs you can choose how serious you want to be and how funny.

Students will prepare for tournament level competition and may choose to enter up to four per season.  Tournaments are in NJ or NY. All tournaments are voluntary and at the membership’s discretion.  Tournaments are usually on weekends and will require parents or guardians to provide transportation and entrance fees. The parents or guardians will be expected to serve as judgesor to contribute money alternately.


No prior experience is required. This program is designed for Middle School Students from Grade 6 to Grade 8.