Middle School Critical Reading and Writing

Instructor Information

  • Analytical Reading and Writing Enrichment 5-6 Graders

Mrs. C. has been an educator for over 30 years spanning a vast career as a teacher. She continued in education as a part-time ESL teacher for the Edison School District as well as a part-time adjunct professor for St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. Mrs. C. was a student teaching supervisor as well as a reading Specialist. For the last 16 years, she has been in one of the top ranking middle school as a language arts and literature teacher. For the last several years, Mrs. C. has implemented the practices of the reading/writing workshop presented through Columbia’s Teacher’s College. Mrs. C. developed two programs at her school for struggling students. One entitled Academic Express for students needing assistance in organization and study skills and the other was entitled Developmental Language for students who needed additional assistance in language arts. Mrs. C. is a graduate of St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, earning both her B.A. and M.A, from this university. She holds teaching certificates in: elementary education K-8, early childhood, reading teacher K-12, reading specialist K-12, and supervisor of education. She is currently the moderator of an after school academic challenge team. Most recently, she was named as the local distribute Teacher of the Year for the 2015-16 school years. She has been the grade level team leader for the last 14 years as well as a co-presenter for the district inclusion model. This year her team was recognized as a team of excellence from the NJAMLE. Mrs. C. has high expectations for student learning and provides a nurturing environment that focuses on the needs of all learners. If you are concerned about your child’s reading and writing skills or you are looking to excel their current capability, and then Mrs. C. is the right teacher for your children.

  • Analytical Reading and Writing Enrichment 7-8 Graders

Mrs. W. received her BA in English Education from Montclair University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. In addition, she holds a MA in Educational Technology from Saint Elizabeth’s and a Supervisory Certificate from Kean University.  Currently she is a senior English Teacher at top ranking middle school. Over the course of Mrs. W.’s teaching career, she has worked with many different types of students. She believes that all students can be successful when given a bit of confidence and the right tools. She has been adding to her “tool-kit” of strategies for 25 years. Her most recent professional development includes being trained in Reading and Writing Workshop from Teacher’s College of Columbia. In 2011 she was named “Teacher of the Year” in her school district for her passion and commitment to her students. In March of 2016, her sixth grade team was honored by the New Association for Middle School Education for excellence in education. Mrs. W.’s commitment extends beyond the classroom as she served as a member of the NJ ASK Middle School LAL Committee. She worked with the other teachers from New Jersey and the testing company by giving valuable input on the NJ ASK test. Mrs. W. believes that every student has unlimited potential and will do all that she can to help them realize it. If you want to improve your middle schoolers’ Reading and Writing skills, then Mrs. W. will bring her unyielding passion and exemplary experience to help them turn their potential into real results.

Course Description

We live in an age where our middle school students are bombarded with distractions from the latest Pokémon craze to social media to texting. They have become scanners of information as they navigate through unlimited amounts of texts, graphics, and videos. Yet, our state wide tests, such as the PARCC, demand that students be able to determine an author’s point of view, evaluate arguments, and compare and contrast how authors use different crafts. Colleges expect students to thoughtfully read excerpts, articles, and stories and then be able to synthesize the information. Therefore, it’s crucial that students develop skills to not only comprehend a text, but also to be able to read critically and support their claims and ideas. Any way we can support them beyond the classroom with this great endeavor will only make them more successful. During this course, students will explore fun and engaging ways to increase their reading and writing skills. We’ll take students on a journey through the different genres of poetry, short stories, nonfiction, fiction, and drama. Students will re-discover information about their own reading lives, explore ways to increase their knowledge, and deepen the joy that reading and writing can bring to their daily lives.