What are American Mathematics Competitions?

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) consist of a series of national contests. The AMC competitions are

  • AMC 8 — for students grades 8 and under, held in November.
  • AMC 10 — for students grades 10 and under, held in February.
  • AMC 12 — for students grades 12 and under, held in February.
  • American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) — high AMC 10/12 scorers, held in March.
  • United States of America (Junior) Mathematics Olympiad (USA(J)MO) — high AIME and AMC 10/12 scorers, held in April.

The top students on USAMO are invited to attend the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP), a three-to-four week intensive summer program which prepares students for possible participation on the team that will represent the USA at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), a two day math competition held each summer.

Instructor Information

Dr.Y holds a MS degree in Physics from University of New York at Buffalo and a PhD in Biology from Rutgers.  This genius young teacher won first place in the Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPhO) and second place in the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) when he was in high school. On top of those amazing honors, Dr. Y has 15 years of teaching experience across all levels of students and has developed his own teaching methods and course material which he gives out to his students. You think you are not a math and physics genius? Well, Dr. Y will make you one. A less than stellar student can become the top of his/her class which is a common theme when you take Dr. Y’s course. For students entering math competitions 99% pass AMC10/12 and move on to enter AIME, and for students entering physics competition Dr. Y will help you successfully pass the first round. For those top talented students, Dr. Y will help transition you to the U.S. Olympiad Team where he has a track record of success. A gifted teacher has a genius way to make you become a genius. Why wait, please register for Dr. Y’s competition classes and become a rising star.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Y will not immerse the students with endless exercises. His approach is to teach the students to analyze the problem logically, to understand why the problem is created, and to grasp the concept solidly.  It is his belief that if you keep a critical mind and think “why” in the learning process, no problem cannot be solved.

Course Information

Three level of courses are offered.

  • Competitive Math I

This course is for the students from 4th grade to 7th grade who have no prior exposure to Math contest and who are interested in trying out the contest. The students should already maintain good grades with their school math curriculums and have knowledge of pre-algebra. This course will prepare the students for AMC8/Math Count and more advanced level of Competitive Math program, improve the grades at school, and build the confidence.

  • Competitive Math II

This course is for the students from 5th grade to 11th grade who have exposure to math contests or who have strong think and reason ability. It is for the students who desire to challenge themselves with more difficult math contests and to strengthen their math capabilities. With the guidance of the gifted teacher, this course helps the students perform well in AMC10 or AMC12 and qualify for AIME.

  • Competitive Math III

This course is for the advanced students from 5th grade to 11th grade who qualify or almost qualify for AIME or have equal level of knowledge. With the guidance of the gifted teacher, this course helps the students perform well in AMC10/AMC12 and AIME exam and qualify for USAJMO/USAMO.

For very talented students who qualify or almost qualify for USAJMO/USAMO, a special Competitive Math IV program will be customized based on knowledge level of each individual student and prepare the students to perform well in USAJMO/USAMO.


The Olympiads provide the opportunity for young people to discover and maximize their potential in Math and Physics. Our gifted teacher has over 20 years’ involvement both as a contestant and as an instructor.  These courses are designed for the students who have a bright mind with the high ability to think and reason, who have a love for learning, and who are excited by the challenge of the Olympiads. If you see any of these in you, our teacher will guide and inspire you through this challenging and rewarding learning process and help you succeed.