Lego Robotics Program

Course Description

Today’s children require advantageous education like never before if they are to succeed in an ever changing and dynamic technical job market. There is a reason why government funding and interest has increased in STEM fields: in America the skilled teachers and students capable of meeting the requirements projected are highly demanding. It is, therefore, imperative that we begin this education early, as “…studies show children exposed to STEM educational resources at a very young age perform better in science and math than students who are not” (Fudge, MARCIA L., REP. “Early Exposure to STEM Education Benefits Children, Economy.”  The Hill, 04 Dec. 2013.). In order to meet these expectations our course immerses young students in the critical aspects of the field by introducing First Lego League Jr. , the leading international non-competitive robotics program for children ages six to ten since 2004. In this class we will prepare students for advanced problem solving through the creation of team-based projects that meet varying technical challenges engineered to increase interest through relatable, age appropriate material that explores real-world themes through collaborative engineering concepts to build a model made of LEGO elements.  At the end of this course, groups will present what they have learned using Show Me Posters and mechanized models that provide working solutions to each challenge. This will act as a springboard to further learning both in standard schooling and our continued specialized programs.

Instructor Information

Mr. A. is a tenured high school teacher.  He has a very unique combination of English and Technology background. Mr. A. received Bachelor’s Degree Magna cum Laude in English Education from Kean University.  He has had business experiences in programming and advanced technology use and repair for over ten years. His early IT career allows him to bring a unique perspective to the classroom.  Mr. A. has run the Robotics Program at high school for four consecutive years leading to various awards and recognition.  He led his school’s FIRST Robotics team to an award winning rookie year and subsequent District Championship year plus 2 additional awards. As a teacher, he has integrated technology into the classroom seamlessly and creates an exceptional class atmosphere for the study of robotics.  Mr. A. is a firm believer in the Socratic method of teaching and in arming our future generations with the ability to think critically and make their own informed decisions.

Course Information

This course is designed to develop children’s interests in concepts of STEM and problem solving skills in real word through First Lego Jr. program. It targets the kids from 6-10 years old to help them improve their critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills.  Guided by our experienced teacher, teams will build motorized models using Lego and create Show Me Posters to share their journey of discovery and have fun.

Schedule and Fees

The program has 8 sessions. The students meet once every week and each class session is 2 hours. Total tuition is $320.