2nd Grade GT Test Prep

Instructor Information

Ms. S graduated from Seton Hall University Magna Cum Laude as a double major, double minor, earning her B.S in Education and a B.A in English, with her two minors in Political Science and Liberal Studies. Ms. S is certified to work with all grade levels, but has specifically worked with through K-8, with a specialized focus on early childhood education. Ms. S is also Special Education certified, allowing her teaching style to meet the needs of a diverse population of students who learn best from personalized educational experiences. Currently, Ms. S is an educator at a top ranking middle school, working with multiple grade levels to encourage success and to push student learning potential. Through the span of Ms. S’s teaching journey, she has been exclusively trained in Reading and Writing Workshop from Teacher’s College of Columbia University, a learning experience that provides students with enriched methods of understanding and applying English Language Arts skills. Ms. S has also been trained in Singapore Math through Seton Hall University. Additionally, outside of the classroom, Ms. S has been an educational speaker at the New Jersey Social Studies Conference since 2013, lecturing on the importance of teaching history through literature and developing stimulating teaching styles. Ms. S strongly champions the belief in the production of learning experiences. The creation of learning experiences in the classroom is crucial to learning development because it keeps the student interested and motivated. When a student is given the opportunity to first-hand interact with content, their level of engagement and retention rate greatly increases; as they are not just told the content, but can experience the content for themselves. To foster the educational relationship of learning experiences and the mastering of content knowledge within the classroom, Ms. S creates lessons deeply involved with interactive tasks. Ultimately, Ms. S seeks to give her students the opportunity to push themselves to discover how they can learn by being an active participant in the learning process.

Course Description

Public Schools focus for providing enrichment is solely based in Gifted and Talented programs that help empower endowed students with educational opportunities to advance in their growth for learning. Induction into Gifted and Talented programs are often varying multi-step processes that require testing within the areas of IQ, Academics, and Logic. In effort to make the passing of the academic testing portion a reachable goal, this course will help students advance in the academic areas of Math and Reading and Writing; allowing students to not just know the content, but to apply the content to real world situations by providing stimulating tasks that encourage critical thinking, reasoning, real world mathematical applications and mental strategies.  Gifted students are expected to push their thinking outside of the imaginary box; so many of the questions on the academic test require the understanding of logic and deductive reasoning. These skills will be taught using a series of module questions specifically designed to mimic the academic logic questions provided on the actual test to give your student the best opportunity to pass the actual Gifted and Talented test. During this course, students will discover their passion for intrinsic learning and excel in their academic abilities that will prepare them for passing the Gifted and Talented exam.